Shaun Magee

BHSc (Physiotheraphy)

Shaun graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Merit from the University of Otago in 2021. During the final year of his undergraduate training, Shaun worked in the Midcentral Hospital in Palmerston North. He spent time working in the physiotherapy teams of the Acute Surgical Ward, Stroke Rehabilitation Unit and Child Development Services. This has provided him experience with a wide range of conditions as well as developed effective case management skills that are required in acute care. 

Shaun considers restoring function to be essential when treating patients, as he appreciates that his clients want to get back to the activities, hobbies or tasks that are meaningful to them that injury may have prevented them from participating in. He achieves this through manual therapy techniques geared toward improving performance. 

Shaun also plans for the prevention of re-occurrence, especially in the case of back pain. He believes that doing the extra work to improve beyond a patient’s pre-injury state is key to promoting long term health.

Outside of work, Shaun enjoys gymming, fishing, watching sports and travelling around NZ with his mates.

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