Nicole Wallen

BHSc (Physiotheraphy)

Nicole graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy from AUT in 2020.

During her undergraduate training Nicole has gained a wide range of experience in both acute and chronic conditions. In her final year of study, she spent time at Kidz First in Middlemore Hospital, the Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit and at a local private practice with a particular focus on acute sports injuries. Whilst there, Nicole worked with a local rugby league at both training and games, developing sports massage and strapping skills for acute and chronic injuries in high impact sport. Nicole also spent time as a student volunteering with Paralympics New Zealand and Age Concern Auckland during their “Steady As You Go” program for older adults.

Within practice Nicole uses a combination of massage, manual therapy and exercise prescription to provide the best possible care for patients with a range of injuries. She has a particular interest in core stability and how important it is to maintain this to support the spine as we challenge our bodies in sport and exercise. She is Y-balance certified and uses this to accurately assess functional asymmetries before returning clients to high performance sports.

Outside of work, Nicole enjoys playing football, tramping and hiking. She has recently started making her way through the Great Walks of New Zealand.

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