Performance Package (12 week programme):

This is added onto the Complete Assessment and is designed to optimise your movement patterns which will allow you to train and perform at a higher level while minimising your risk of injury.

The programme includes the following:

  • x 40 min One on one session with a Physiotherapist to complete your prescribed exercise programme and ensure correct technique and you understand all the exercises.
  • 9 x 20 min one on one Weekly follow-up sessions to progress and modify your exercises to ensure a quick response to your programme.
  • Reassessment at 6 and 12 weeks including re-analysis of your Y-balance and FMS score results.
  • Final Maintenance programme to ensure long term results.

Rehabilitation Package Cost $999 ($1048 value) If the Complete FMS assessment and the performance package are purchased together the Total Cost is $1195 (total value of $1295)

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